• Blackjack Basics and Tips
    Blackjack is a deep game full of complexities and tactics. A few blackjack tips can make sure a player stays on solid ground and significantly increases the chances of going home a winner.

  • Blackjack Card Counting for Dummies
    Beat the dealer like Edward Thorp with blackjack card counting. Learn a simple counting system and get an edge over the house!

  • Blackjack Lingo, Vocabulary, and Jargon
    Learning the jargon used in blackjack adds to your understanding of the game. Like every other game, you can be sure that blackjack also has terms unique to it. It will prove to be helpful to learn jargon used in blackjack.

  • How to Improve Your Blackjack Skills
    There is no royal road to improve your blackjack skills. Everyone must start with the rudiments of the game, then basic strategy, and then to full game mastery including card counting. Everyone simply has to trudge the old hard beaten road to blackjack mastery.

  • Necessary Elements of Blackjack Basics
    The premise and goal of the game, valuation, and player options are necessary elements of blackjack basics. Players can't move forward in their blackjack career if they don't go over these essential elements of the game. Players are advised to learn basic strategy after understanding the important aspects of blackjack basics.

  • Playing Blackjack Right
    Blackjack may seem easy at first, but playing it right to win is a different matter entirely. You would have to learn the right strategy to ensure wins at the table. Still, it never hurts to stock up on some tips to fine-tune your blackjack playing tactic.

  • Sam Vaughn: A Million Dollar Blackjack Player
    Sam Vaughn is one of the few blackjack players who are able to make millions from the excelling in the game. Before he became successful, Vaughn faced difficulties along the way. Hence, his experiences and achievements must be known to new blackjack players because they will be inspired and motivated by his life.

  • The Contrasting Images of Keno and Blackjack
    Both keno and blackjack are enjoyable casino games. Keno is a game of luck while blackjack is considered as a game of skill.

  • To Double Down or Not on Virtual Blackjack
    A typical gaming strategy that one can use on a game of virtual blackjack is known as doubling down. But then, in order to get full use of it, it's a must that the player who will use this knows when to apply it on the game.

  • What Makes Blackjack Odds So Good
    The odds in blackjack are far better than the odds you can get any games like roulette and craps. By mastering the art of counting the cards, you can increase your chances of winning and can lower the house edge by less than 1%.

  • What to Look for in a Blackjack Game
    There are some things that you need to look for in blackjack gaming table in order for you to have a good game. Some of these things are if you are allowed to stand, hit and surrender late.

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