Sam Vaughn: A Million Dollar Blackjack Player

Blackjack is a thrilling casino game that many gamblers choose to play because its rules are easy to follow. Even new casino players can try their luck at blackjack tables since its outcomes merely depend on chance. However, there are blackjack players who are able to explore different efficient ways to raise their odds in blackjack.

One of blackjack players who succeed in discovering strategies that improve their winning chances is Sam Vaughn. His passion for blackjack started when he worked at U.S. Postal Service in Phoenix, Arizona. Even if his office is miles away from Las Vegas, he allots time to go to the city just to play his favorite games.

Vaughn first showed interest in craps. He visits casinos that hold craps tournaments. However, in the 1980s, many casinos stopped hosting craps tournaments. Since he is really attracted to gambling, Vaughn tried his luck in a blackjack competition in 1989 that was hosted by The Four Queens and won $50,000.

In 1992, Vaughn retired from his work and migrated to Las Vegas where he established a career in gambling. Vaughn succeeded and his total winnings from 1982 to 2000 amount to $1.25 million. He continued to improve his skills until he decided to participate in the Las Vegas Hilton Million Dollar III Blackjack Tournament.

To participate in the tournament, Vaughn needs to win in a monthly qualifier. Vaughn succeeded and won $20,000. At the tournament, Vaughn managed to stay up to hand 28 wherein he matched maximum bets that were placed by his opponents. His first opponent doubled but got lost because his hand was stiff. The other player had 17 while Vaughn had 18. To his surprise, the dealer had 17 so Vaughn won $1 million in this tournament.

After his success story at the blackjack tournament, Vaughn continued to make millions. He is one of the few blackjack players who were able to get millions from gambling. New players should know the story of his life because it is motivating and inspiring.

Other blackjack players create great names in the gambling world. Beginners must know and learn from them. Their achievements showed that blackjack is a beatable game in casinos so they should not be discouraged when they experience losses. What is important is that before they play money games, they are equipped with blackjack tactics and money management skills to improve their chances or odds in this tricky and thrilling game.