What Makes Blackjack Odds So Good

For most decent player, they can truly say the the odds in blackjack are quite good as compared to any other games in the casino. The blackjack game is very popular that most people even say that it is by far the most popular card game in town. The game is played in almost all countries in the entire world both online and real time. Online blackjack websites have also grown massively over the recent years which made it a popular home game and is recognized by many people.

There is quite a good reason as to why the game is very popular and is being embraced by a lot of people all over the world. When the game is properly played, there is a great possibility that the house edge would go down to 1% or lesser which is by far the lowest house edge that any table game can have. Having this figure for the house edge, how come land based casinos and online casino still do not lose money? This is due to the fact that most players are not playing the game properly which results to giving more advantage to the casino. When the majority of players are not good enough in playing the game, the house advantage becomes bigger and bigger.

The blackjack game do have a better odd as compared other games like poker, craps and other luck games such as roulette. In a blackjack game, the choices that you make will affect the house advantage. If you compare it to roulette, you will see the the spin of the wheel is very independent so you do not have control over the house edge. Same goes with the craps where the even of the dice is also independent. In a blackjack, the event is dependent on the previous cards being dealt. This means that the big cards on the decks favors the player and the small cards favors the dealer. This is what makes the card counting so important for you to win in the blackjack games. You just have to memorize the cards that are left on the deck.

To a certain extent, the results in blackjack are based on the actions that you do as a player and not really based on chance alone. The chances that you have in winning this game is better as compared to luck games. You have the power to control the game by simply tracking down the cards.