What to Look for in a Blackjack Game

The game of blackjack has been readily available in most casino facilities. It is also available in most casino facilities on the Internet. It is also one of the most in demand casino games and it possess the smallest casino edge. Variety of books has been already made on how to correctly play the game. Even casino gift shops in online and land-based casinos sells blackjack technique cards that can help beginner and advance players to scale down the casino edge to a minimum or manageable level.

Does this mean that an average blackjack player can buy that technique card for a couple of bucks and sit at the first blackjack gaming table that they see in a live casino and play an even match against the casino? In the good times of blackjack back in the 1960's and the 1970's, this phrase is true.

Back on those days, the blackjack games that are being offered in casinos uses a single card deck with good player rules like the game paying in a three is to two ratio, the dealer being required to stand on the soft seventeen, you can double after slitting and you have the option to surrender late on the game.

These rules place the casino edge to 1/8 of 1%. But nowadays, the casinos are just looking on how to increase their share. In order for a gambler to maximize their playing time in the casino and the game, they must be careful on picking the game where they will invest their cash. Let us review the good and bad part about blackjack.

Let us begin with the usual blackjack game that is offered in a standard casino. Usually, it uses six decks of cards and pays the player in a 3:2 ratio for achieving a blackjack in the game, the casino dealer gets a soft seventeen, doubling down after pair dividing is not allowed in the game, doubling down on any pair of cards, re-divide up to four card hands, except for the ace cards, which can only be divided a single time and each divided hand gets only a single card and there is no late surrender rule(where you can surrender half of your wager if you do not like your card hand and the dealer does not possess a blackjack.

But using a smaller deck of cards means that the house edge is small. But this is assuming that all other aspects in the game are the same. Utilizing all the same rules but modifying to a single deck card game scales down the edge by about 2/3 to .26 percent. The house edge on a blackjack game that is using the same rules and two decks of card is about 25% smaller than .59%. The next thing to consider is whether the casino dealer needs to hit or stand when they have a soft seventeen. Standing is more advisable for the player.

In a game that uses six decks of cards, standing if you have a soft seventeen scales down the casino edge by about 30% to .56%. Try to look for blackjack games that give you permission to double down after pair dividing, the house edge in the initial example scales down to .64% from .78%, which is an eighteen percent improvement regarding the odds. Then look for the table where the late surrender is permitted.

While this option is used mainly on tables that uses six or more card decks, it can also be looked for in tables that utilizes small decks of cards. Any casino card game that does not permit doubling down after pair dividing and has the casino dealer hitting on their soft seventeen is not a good game.

This is very true especially if the game is using 6 or more card decks. In any casino game that uses six to eight decks of cards, you can also look for the late surrender option in order to scale down the casino edge.